Monday, March 28, 2016

Butterlies Thinlit

Get out your washi tape, your Butterflies Thinlits some paper and let's get a little creative!   This card is made by folding your paper in half then cutting out with the Big Shot and the use of the Butterflies Thinlit  large butterfly.  I always use wax paper on top of the paper I am going to be cutting to make the small details of the butterfly or any other detailed thinlit as they cut easier.   
Once you have cut out the large butterfly from the card.  Then take a piece of vellum cardstock and cut another butterfly.  Set aside.
Take out washi tape of your choice.  I also used our silver sparkle paper with the washi tape to give it a little shine.  Add the tape and paper diagonally to a separate piece of paper cute at 4 x 5 1/4", then trim the ends and and glue to the back side of the card.
Glue your vellum butterfly to card, add some sequins and a birthday stamp. 

Butterflies Thinlits Dies #137369 for $25.00

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