Monday, December 7, 2015

Chocolate Santas

What a fun time this was!   The company I used to work for- (I've been gone a year and a half now)  has invited me back for their annual Christmas party the last two years, and this year the activity was candy making!  It was so "sweet"!!!!

These were all the  melted colored chocolates you could create from.   You were able to choose two plastic molds to make your chocolates.  I chose a Santa box and gingerbread men molds.

The creations were amazing!  Everyone's were all so different.  You could also make chocolates with caramel filling!   
I personally just wanted to eat everything!
Here is the Santa box I made.  I ended up making 3!  Plus they send you home with the molds you choose so you can make more!!!

Of course I had to box them up and make special tags for them with our Home for Christmas designer paper!

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