Friday, November 6, 2015


 Starting the weekend off by spending some time in the mountains on a retreat with some amazing women.  Who doesn't love pillow swag?  I love to shower people with gifts of love and encouragement.  My theme for the retreat is Brave.  BE Brave!  
each and ever one of us.  No matter what we are going through. The heavy, the ugly, pasts haunting us.  All of it.  Be brave. You will get through this.  It takes courage and strength each day to pull ourselves through the challenges that come our way.   I just want to lift each and everyone of you up this weekend  as well with whatever  might be heavy on your heart.  Know that you are LOVED and YOU  matter!   Here are a few things that I put together to gift and lift these women up.

Chalkboard framed art to remind them to be brave and strong

Warm and toasty furry socks to stay warm, we are headed to the mountains where it will be in the 20's tonite.  Gahhhhhhh!

Boxed sea salted caramels- chocolate makes everything better right?

These beautys, Brave Soul bracelets made especially for each of them by Love Squared Designs.   Thank you sweet Lisa!
Wearing words on  our wrists is a constant reminder to each of us to stay strong.  You got this!

I'll hopefully get some great pictures to share of our retreat  and what lies ahead this weekend.   Have yourselves a fabulous weekend : You are Braver than you think
Stronger than you seem and smarter than you tihink!

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