Monday, November 9, 2015

Retreat pics

Incredible weekend lifting up these women.  
Crisp mountain air, quite time, reflection- it's not the mountains we conquer :  it's ourselves.

their bands of armor - Brave souls

creative time.......bringing the outdoors in

We ourselves are masterpieces that have been created.  Here are their masterpieces that they created with nature.

each one is uniquely different.....

they were in love with the barn quilt and HAD to have many pictures in front of it.

Headed out for a beautiful hike, ran into wild turkeys, deer and incredible views.

beauty all around


  1. Looks like so much fun!
    How did you do the nature canvas'? They are so neat looking!

    1. they are made by taking old book covers that you spray with spray adhesive and add your natural fresh leaves, then cover with foil and tape the back. Then spray paint with brown spray paint. When dry take steel wool and lightly rub away the paint until you get the look you want. Be gentle with the rubbing so that you don't rip the foil

  2. It does look like a fun time!
    I think you need to do a tutorial on your crafting project! They are wonderful!
    That looks like a beautiful spot! Great views!

  3. Thanks for the info.! I would never have guessed it was foil!


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