Monday, November 16, 2015

On Stage Vancouver

What a fun  weekend!  Our first ever On Stage proved to be a fun time!   Here we are friday night at Center Stage for Leadership celebration.  Dinner, leadership talk, friends and fun!
Me,  Denise Jorgensen,  Liz Thayer

Such details,  always..... beautiful table setting with those amazing flowers

dinner never looked so tasty!

Saturday morning On Stage, over 400 people at the Vancouver venue.  Mind you it was held at various states and countries worldwide at the exact same time.  It was all live streamed, we had over 5,000 demonstrators attending worldwide.

Upline, downline, sideline!  great team!

Look out Cheesecake Factory!

These flowers were  just incredible.  

Swag!!!!!   filled will embellishments!
I have to say many of you came by introduced yourselves and truly made my day.  Thank you for your encouraging words, kindness and most of all taking the time to introduce yourselves!   It was an absolute pleasure!   I will post swaps for you in the next few days.  Many beautiful cards to share. xoxoxo

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