Sunday, October 11, 2015

Halloween Town

There hasn't been much creating going on over here the last few days.  Well.... there has but not card style! 
Are any of you Halloween Town fans?  well, this weekend we took a trek down to St Helens, Oregon to see and view St. Helens Halloween town.  The actual spot where parts of the film Halloween Town was filmed!   It was great fun. The original cast member Kimberly Brown, also known as Marnie in the film was there to light the infamous pumpkin at City Hall. 

We had a bit of a storm come through at one point.....

There were over 3,000 people that came from all over.  This picture was taken early on in the day before the crowds came through.

The lighting of the pumpkin.  There were hundreds of people dressed up in costumes, many of which where similiar to costumes from the movie.

Up close with "Jack"

Here's our spooky crew......great costumes eh? 

my sweets Shae

Even the local Fireman were in on the fun!  Zombies!
Fun time! love spending time with those I miss and sharing in the Monstober events to be had out there!  Gearing up for Halloween over here!

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