Saturday, May 9, 2015

DIY Outdoor Cushions

I thought it would be good information and fun to share with you today what I found on Pinterest.   Do you have outdoor pillows or cushions that look like mine above?  All weathered from the sun?
Well,  I found on Pinterest that you can spray paint them to bring them back to life!   Now,  if you choose go to Pinterest yourself, find the technique that works best for what your doing.  I chose this technique first to try and may try another when I redo the cushions. It shows for large cushions you can use latex paint to hand or spray paint them. 
Here's the paint I purchased.  Much cheaper to paint then to replace your pillows or cushions.   These ran $6.99 each.


Here they are done.... I used the Anvil Gray on the left and Waterfall on the right.   It gives it a nice chalky effect.  I think you can see it with the Gray color but not as much as the Waterfall color.   To paint them, just brush them clean then start painting them at least two coats, let dry and there you have it.  

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