Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cafe Bags and Popcorn

I used popcorn at Thanksgiving for my tablescape and had a whole bunch just sitting in my pantry.  So I looked up how to dye popcorn and who would have guessed how easy and fun it was!
As you can see it turned out so pretty!  Once popped it will be red and green!  What a fun gift to give.
I used our Cafe Bags to put them in and then added a tag made from the Holiday Home set.

Now, how do you make the popcorn you say?
Take a ziplock bag and fill it half full of water.
I added 6 cups of popcorn per bag. Then  just
as you dye Easter eggs you will dye the popcorn by
adding vinegar and food coloring.   I added 1 T of vinegar per
cup of popcorn and the same for the food coloring.  Close bag and let sit overnight turning over the bag as often as you want.

Next day using a slotted spoon put the popcorn on a cookie sheet and put into the oven at 150 degrees for an hour to dry. Make sure and rinse your popcorn well before drying to remove the vinegar.
You can see in this picture how well the popcorn takes on the colors.  Also in the above photo where I mixed the two colors together.  They are soooo festive!

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  1. A very cool idea - will have to try it! Have you had a chance to pop some yet - hope you can't taste the vinegar? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Terry! I haven't popped any yet, but make sure and rinse your popcorn well before drying it. I added that to the post!

  2. I've never heard of doing that! That's really neat!
    You sure had a lot of popcorn!!!

    1. Thanks Laura, yes I had three bags of it! had to put it to use. You really need to try it.
      so easy and fun


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