Friday, October 18, 2013

Undefined--Stamp Carving Kit

Undefined!  This is a fun new product we are offering, and you don't even need the talent to use it!  I have posted a video below so you can see how easy it is to make your OWN stamps!  Mine is pretty darn easy to replicate.  Just draw and cut a triangle out to make this pumpkin face!  So, the undefined kit comes with everything you need to make your stamps.  The rubber, mounting tape, blocks of wood and the carver.  I used our new Tag a Bag gift bags to stamp the pumpkin face on.
Your already carving pumpkins right now, so why not carve some stamps!!!

Products Used:
Undefined Carve Kit-  #133402 -$19.95
Tag a Bag Gift Bags #131370 for $3.95 (10 bags)
Pumpkin Pie Taffeta Ribbon # 119253 for $5.95

Watch the video here to see how easy it is to make your own stamps!

Here's what your kit contains.....

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  1. Great idea on the pumpkin bag. I bought the kit but I'm not sure what to carve.
    I just saw your last post...your youngest daughter? Seriously? She has jumped from being a girl to a beautiful young woman in a very short time! How did that happen? Especially when we never change or get any older ourselves! ; )

  2. Thanks Laura! I know, I feel like this happened overnight as well! it's crazy! just have to enjoy each and everyday with them. Shelby is home for the weekend, so it has been a fun last few quick days but so blessed she is here!


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