Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Glass Blowing and summer fun

We have had a fun busy week with family.  Sunday we spent the afternoon at a local glass blowing studio with our entire family blow beautiful creations with glass!  It was so amazing and fun, and HOT!  The kilns are 3000 degrees! We ended up making everything from pumpkins, to fish to bowls to candle holders. What an incrediable day it was!  Here are the "boyz" below,

All of the Girls

Shelby working on her project

Went on to ride the new Great Wheel on the waterfront.
It was spectacular~!  Amazing views 

This was from the top
Still getting prepared for convention, lots to do before I leave this week.  Hope I get to meet some of you there, be sure to stop me to say hi and swap!

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  1. Hey Julie, have fun at convention! I'm not going this year, maybe next year.


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