Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kid's Class

I held my monthly kid's class on monday and this is what the girlies made.   Dry Erase frames.   I used the just retired Storybook designer series paper for the inside of the frame. Trying to use it all up!   Keep the glass on top so that you can write on it like I did below.  Then take ribbon of your choice to decorate.  I used the brand new very vintage designer series buttons with the white baker's twine. 

They also made these modge podge glass plates.  I took the retired Everyday Enchantment paper and had them tear good size pieces.  Once they had them all torn, they added some modge podge to the back of the plate, begin to cover your plate with the different patterns of the paper. Once completed, let dry. Once dry, paint the back of the plate with acrylic paint color of your choice, then at a last coat of the modge podge( not dishwasher safe of course).  
 I used an olive green paint for the back. 
 This is how they turned out below.  CUTE!

Here are the girls working on their plates.......


  1. I have been doing kids crafty camps for the past 4 Summers and my girls would both of these projects.

  2. What! Julie using Storybook paper for a project! Shocking!
    I guess you did take a short break from it! :0)
    Love the plates!

  3. Haahaaaa! you know me soooo well Laura! I am sad to see it go.... :( are you coming to convention by the way?

  4. No, not this year. I thought I was going to have some foot surgery this summer that would have had me off my feet for a long time. I just chickened out & I'm putting it off for a little longer.
    I'd like to go if for no other reason than to meet everybody I've been chatting with online. Most of them are from out west. I have a few blog friends (non-S.U.) that I would love to meet up with too some time.
    That's one of the problems with online friends, they are so spread out over the country. My husband makes fun of me talking about my "friends" because I've never met them. It's almost like having imaginary friends to him.
    I'll just have to travel more & go meet them all!
    Are you going to convention?


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