Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Graduation Ideas

So, here we are one week from my Daughter Shelby's 2013 graduation!  Such an amazing time full of excitement, the unknown, new stages and lots of tears!  (for sure!)  Since we have a bunch of young men's graduation parties to celebrate as well, I made up a bunch of these Jones Soda's to take to them with their graduation cards.  I will post how to make the graduation cap card in the picture on  thursday.  To make the graduation sodas,  I just choose blue, as the school colors are blue and green.   Now I tell you, this is super easy!!!,  take your 1 1/4" square punch and punch them out.  I used glue dots to attach them to the tops of the bottles.  Then I used  green bakers twine that has been knotted at both ends, attach one end on to the black square, the other end fray it a bit.   And there you have it!   You can do this!  See!

Below are some other ideas from past posts of mine for graduation.

  I thought I would repost some posts from past graduations as well..  Above is a girly diploma card, you can use the search box on my blog to the left to find the post to this card as well as the other posts I have listed here.

A money Rose

Graduation cap box

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