Saturday, June 8, 2013

Graduation Cap Card

Getting ready for graduations!  we have got  Bothell, Woodinville and Kings graduates all next week.  These are nice sized graduation cap cards you can make.  ( I have to say,  I received the tassels from a customer years ago) 
I will show you how to make them below.

The card opens up to this size. To do this you cut an 8x8 inch piece of computer paper (cardstock is too thick) fold it in half, turn it and fold it in half again.  Then turn it sideways and fold it once more for the middle peak you see in  the photo.  The cap piece it two pieces of cardstock cut at 4 1/4".  Before you attach them make sure your brad and tassel are attached to the top.  I used tombow adhesive to attach them together

Here is the tassel,  cut yourself a piece of baker's twine at 8", fold in half and tie a knot at the end, and fray. Attach to the brad just by wrapping it once around it.

Here it is completed with the baker's twine tassel,  still just as great looking!

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