Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine Ice Cream Sandwich on a stick

Valentine's Day!/ So Cute!   Add a little Cherry Cobbler Baker's Twine  and a hand stamped tag to this chocolate ice cream heart, whether it's for the kid's in the classroom or co workers, they will love receiving this treat!
Purchase ice cream sandwich bars at grocer and cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter, then roll the sides into any cake/cupcake sprinkles of your choice, take candy sticks and insert.
 Put bag over top, tie with twine and add your tag.
Now how cute is that!

Products Used:

Cherry Cobbler Bakers Twine -123125 -  for $2.95
Cello Bags - 102757 (4x6 )  - for $4.50

Do a little shoppin HERE


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