Friday, January 25, 2013

Chalkboard Frame Class

Here's what will be making at the February 8th class (pic above) If you are local and would like to sign up, go to my website to register.   Click - Here

When out picking up frames for the class I also found these gold ones that I thought would be fun to spray paint and decorate.  Below is how they looked originally.  I used basic spray paint, a couple coats and then on the blue one used chalkboard contact paper in the center and added an embellishment from the new Artisan Embellishment kit.  Very simple.   

These frames are 5 x 7 and cost $2.99!  woo hoo!

Artisan Embellishment Kit - #129328  for $9.95

Toxic Treat Brush Stamp Set MDS - #129828

and here is the basic Krylon Spray Paint I used


  1. Great job with the frames - whoo hoo is right! They look so different re-painted.

    1. Thanks Wendie, and I'm tellin you, they are soooo easy to make!

  2. Those frames look so much better painted. I think more people could use the colored ones than the gold ones.
    I'll bet you can't guess which is my favorite......the black Halloween one!!!

  3. Haaaaa of course Laura, cause that is my favorite too! :)


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