Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Halloween Chandelier

Fun find last thursday,  I found this Halloween chandelier at Ross Dress for Less of all places!  normally you won't find something like this there especially for a low price of $24.99!  This is a large chandlier, as you can see where the flameless candles are they are spiders!  and then those hanging beads.... love them!  I will offically put it up and decorate it in the next few weeks.  

We had a busy weekend going into Seattle to Magnolia where I grew up for an  annual  Parkinson's Auction  that my  family helps with every year.  My Hubs and I were a bit early so I decided to take him to see the West Point Lighthouse which is in Discovery Park where we needed to be for the auction.  It was the perfect lighting for pictures, just as the sun  was beginning to go down..  I love this beach and the lighthouse.  


  1. I love that chandelier. Hope to have one of it this coming November.

  2. Ooooh! I love this lighthouse, and all other lighthouses! Some day I am going to get to Seattle area and just go search out all the lighthouses I can find. Fun chandelier for Halloween too!


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