Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Classes and a fun new store!

There is still room in both upcoming classes- this friday's September 14th Adult class 10 am to noon
and the monday, September 17th Kid's class 3:45 to 5 pm.   The kid's class we are making the above bulletin boards and the Adult class we are making cards with the new "In Colors" and Dahlia buttons.
email me at to register

I was out running errands yesterday and ran into this really cool vintage store.  I thought it was new but upon speaking to the owner she said it opened in 1989!  Where have I been!  It is in the Crossroads area, which I am always going to, I just happened to leave on the back side of the mall and found it!.  Here are some pictures of the vintage things they offer. I was really impressed with the fact that the prices were quite reasonable for a boutique style shop....  lots of Halloween goodies too!

Common Folk Co. is the name of the store


  1. Another cool store! Look at all those goodies!

  2. worst of it was having to contain myself, I left with nothing, can you believe it! too bad your not here to shope with me Laura, it would be trouble I'm sure!


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