Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun Cards

Here are a few cute cards that I received at convention,   it  has been a busy week with the American Girl Doll Camp here so I have barely stamped!  I will post some pics from the camp for you to see.  What a great group of little girls!  This card was made by Jen Snyder

Selene Kempton

Mary Ellen Byler

Michelle Theriault


  1. Those are all nice cards!
    Hey, have you ever seen the online store at
    They have a store in Calif. They have cool stuff for all holidays. A lot of vintage decorations! I was just looking at it & I thought of you & your love of vintage!

  2. Wow Laura! you are right! they have some amazing merhcandise! I love it! what a great website.....thanks for the heads up! :)


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