Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cle Elum Fire

We have had a horrible fire break out in our Kittitas county area of Cle Elum, 27,00.00 acres have been consumed so far and the fire is only 10% contained after it's breakout on monday.   
Up to 70 homes have burned while hundreds of other buildings have been destroyed. 
At least 900 people have evacuated and 500 firefighters are working to douse the flames.  As many as 800 firefighters could be in the area in the next few days.
Please pray for this community and our Firefighters... we need a lots of assistance there. If you are local or in the Cle Elum area they are in need of donations to the Red Cross as well as donations for the Firefighters.  For the Firefighters they need Power Bars, Gatorade and Water.  It can be dropped off at the Sahaptin Outfitters right in downtown Cle Elum.  
Donations to the Red Cross can be made HERE


  1. Wow! That is really scary! That photo showing the fire in the background is unbelievable. It shows how big of an area it actually is.

  2. Laura,

    it is very scary and yes it has consumed almost 30,000.00 acres. They say the winds have died down but the heat is 90's and only 10% contained. Still
    far off from being under any control..
    I have been taking donations for the Firefighters and just returned from Costco, they are in need of water, Gatorade and Power Bars. I will try to put up some updates...


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