Monday, August 13, 2012

American Girl Doll Camp Pictures

Kanani and Marlena after Kanani gets her ears pierced
Here's a few pictures from the American Girl Doll Camp I held last week,  I had such a great group of little girls!  We learned the history of a new doll and her personality and trivia facts each day, made fun things for their dolls, pierced a few of the dolls ears, had a fashion show and tea party and shared a lot of laughs!  It was by far the funniest week! Such sweet little spirits......

Grace,Gracie, Kirsten, Kanani after sushi and vintage straw and ice cream shake crafting

This was one of the crafts they did one of the days, they made sushi  and Ice Cream Shakes for their dolls.  The sushi is made with felt and black electrical tape, the plate is a piece of white foam and the chop sticks are toothpicks.

We even pierced two of the dolls ears,  Grace and  Kathy  (Look -alikes) got  new earrings!
Big smiles after Grace gets her ears pierced!
Friday we dressed up for our Tea Party and Fashion Show,  Lindsey  and I dressed up in our  favorite doll Julie's  clothing attire for her timeline which is 1977,  Lindsey is holding her AG doll Julie and was dressed in the cutest home sewn 70's little outfit I have ever seen!  She surprised me with a gift of my own, my favorite doll  Julie!  How sweet was that!  I love my Julie doll!  Thank you again Lindsey!  Thank all you girlies for such a fun week!  


  1. Julie you are so creative! Chloe, Sarah and I are really going to miss you!

  2. aawwww..... Korey! I sooo missed you and the girlies! I hope you are having fun finding your way around Sandy. Lots of fun places to see...


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