Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seattle Blues

I know it's May day but I thought I would share these pictures of our beautfiul downtown Seattle Westlake Park.  The Blue Trees project was conceived by Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos, who, in partnership with several environmentally-focused bodies, transformed the trees at the beginning of April by coloring them a brilliant ultramarine blue. The result is a surreal and stunning sight for visitors and residents, designed to raise awareness of global deforestation and encourage discussion about the 32 million acres of old growth forests the planet loses every year.  Isn't this incrediable looking!  The picture above is Shaelyn and her girlfriends.  Happy May Day!


  1. i painted some wooden chairs that color

  2. That is so cool! Maybe we could get a bright blue like that for Stampin' Up!
    It just pops out at you!


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