Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Bunny Pig!

A very non-traditional Easter bunny here!  Easter Pig is more like it!  I was thinking of my fun stamp camp group that was here this morning and thinking of one of the gals Korey Grennon, she  has the cutest Estsy site called: Moo Cow, Monkey Pig! It somewhat inspired this litte Easter basket.    Check out Korey's Etsy store here:  MooCowMonkeyPig.Etsy.Com she sews adorable clothes for adorable kids!  No really,  she has some amazing things!  Shout out to Korey!

Here are some of her creations as well as her adorable Daughters!


  1. Cute! Now that's thinking outside the box!

  2. Thanks Laura! pretty funny huh? I was looking at it thinking I could have made the ears into wings too, that way it could be a flying pig!
    I'm such a dork!

  3. Ha! Ha! You could make a really BIG one & use the Elegant Bird wings!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Happy Easter Deilephila! Thank you! have a wonderful day!


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