Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Decking the Halls, Walls and All!

Boy am I slow in getting into the holiday this year.  Is anyone else feeling like the days are passing quicker than you can blink an eye?!
I was able to get a few things out and decorate that last week,  here are just a few little things that I have been putting  out.  I love this advent calendar above, the girls love to check it everyday to see if there is a treat awaiting them.  You know how much I love vintagy things, it has that vibe to it as well as this little cute snowman. 

My girlfriend gave me this neat basket/vase holder so I put it to good use by putting some Christmas foliage in it and a cute little white winter bird.  I used quite a few birds throughout my decor this year.

This is a tray my Husband bought me last year and a cute pairs of resin skates.

I used a candle holder and filled it up with the vintage Christms vintage Shiney Bright ornaments.

And here is our tree.....


  1. I am in envy of your tree. You should see our tree it's a really small fiber optic one. It's really lame but it's a tree.
    Loved all your decorations and got new ideas thanks!

    I'm new to this blogging thing so if I'm freaking you out because you don't know me, that's why.


  2. Aawww, thank you! I appreciate it! glad you are getting some ideas and visit me. :)


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