Monday, November 21, 2011

Beau Chateau Christmas Ornaments

Here are the Beau Chateau Ornaments that I promised to show you.  Aren't they just show stoppers!
You  are going to follow the same directions as the Vintage Newsprint Ornaments, I will post below for you.
If you don't have the Beau Chateau DSP paper then you can always you the Beau Chateau Fabric!  Yes!
this works with the Modge Podge great too. I added our Stampin Up Exclusive ribbons to decorate them with and the Beau Chateau Side Notes to adorn them and the Pearls.    Try to keep the images as close to what the paper looks like when you are teraring you pieces to attach to the glass balls.  


Take your DSP Newsprint and tear small pieces and set aside. Put 2 TBLS of modge podge in a bowl and add a teaspoon of water to dilute it. Take the pieces of DSP and drop into the bowl let sit for 2 minutes to let the paper soften. Take your ornaments and remove the cover at the top where you hang it and set aside. Your paper should now be soften start covering the ornaments with the pieces of DSP til it is totally covered. Take the Mica Snowflakes and cover the ornaments with them and let dry. I set the ornaments on top of a drinking glass to dry. To decorate choose matching ribbons,  I used the Pretty In Pink Satin Ribbon, Chatilly Lace, and Baja Breeze Seam Binding Ribbon and silver cording.  Then add your Beau Chateau Side Notes or Rossettes and Pearls.    Drop me a comment and let me know what you think,  I love to get feedback!  xoxo


  1. Beautiful ornaments! Thanks for sharing the instructions. I love these!

  2. No doubt these are specials, unique. Stunning!!!

  3. Your instructions are easy to follow and I love both of these ornaments. I have the newsprint drying and waiting to be finished. I have yet to use my Beau Chateau DSP. Guess I was saving it for this project! Please keep posting to the SC and most of all thank you for sharing.
    Rose Reynolds
    Burleson, Tx

  4. These are amazing! My sister and I are going to try to make some this weekend! thanks for sharing the instructions!

  5. These are absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing how you made them. Smiles, Elizabeth

  6. These are so beautiful!!
    I'll have to try this.


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