Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spiders, Spiders, everywhere!

Okay,  so I am such a jokester that I had to do this to my poor family.   I have freaked out everyone all day long!  It is not a suprise that I love Halloween, and with that said I was at the Dollar Tree this morning and found this vinyl cling for your toilet!
Yes,  I know,  like you all want to look at my commode, but I tell you this looks sooooo real!   As you can see!  the cling goes right on TOP of the lid, but sure looks like it is open with creepy crawlers coming right out of the toilet!  I also added some little
spiders that come with it to the sides.   I'm tellin you, the best dollar ever spent!  I am lovin' it!   Muaaaahhhhhh!


  1. If I still had kids at home I'd look for these spiders. How fun!

  2. That is so FUN! Hope I can find one at the dollar tree!


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