Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A little Halloween Decor to share.....

Sharing a bit of Halloween Decor today.... this is in my front living room.  I love the look of all black and white.....


  1. very cool! Love the witch portrait too.

  2. Adore the witch picture...where you get it? And now back to my orginal thought,,,,Very very nice! Love it!!

  3. This looks wonderfully spooky. I think the ragged fabric is the best thing in years and esp. when the dollar trees carries it.
    Drop by my site for more halloween. Kathy

  4. Thank Cat, I got it from a party store, I know you can find it online as well...

  5. Love all the black and white but especially the witch! She is fantastic!

    I linked up too, but a couple posts back. So if you click on my name just back a few! Can't wait to see all your other fun Halloween ideas!



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