Sunday, October 3, 2010

Teacher Appreciation treats and Decor

Well this friday we had a teacher appreciation luncheon at Shaelyn's school and I have been a bit busy getting 45 treats ready for the staff.  I did the very easy M & M's in the plastic sleeve with a fall leaf on top.  The paper bag scarecrow in the center was for the table centerpiece for the luncheon table.  I took a luncheon brown bag and put a small size rock in the bottom and stuffed the bag with plastic bags from the grocer.  I decorated by drawing with a sharpie the face and coloring it in with white chalk and markers.  The hair on top of the bag is raffia that I stapled to the top after I folded the top of bag over.   Here he is up close.....

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  1. Can you tell me where you purchased the plastic holders for the m&m's? My daughter's birthday party is this Wednesday and I would LOVE to make these at table decorations in Halloween colors.



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