Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

My little honey Bee and Spiderwoman!

Happy Halloween all you ghoulies out there!  It's been a fun day so far!  We went to a Trunk or Treat last night and a local not so scary haunted house, then on to the 'real' deal scary haunted house for teenagers.  Today we went to Remlinger farm with friends and came home to some fun brain carving!

You take a seedless watermelon and skin it with a potatoe peeler, then have the kids take toothpicks and make swirls in the watermelon.  Once that is completed have them take a knife (parents you need to help at this point) and start cutting out the swirls.  When it is all done it looks like a brain!  the cool thing is that the red just barely shows thru and makes it super creepy~!

the girls had a blast doing this!

trunk or treat......

The hubs and Byron.....
Have a fun and safe Halloween today!  xoxo

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