Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Card box full of candy!

It's almost Halloween!  soooo excited1 today's post is an idea that I go t at this site I joined call Pockets of Inspiration - Here  check it out.  You can join too!  They have each month a few freebie templates and this is one of them.  It is a cute card box that you can add goodies to.  I put two milky way bars in mine but you could fill any king of candies you can think of.  It holds quite a bit.  Muuaaahaaaahhh!   xoxo LOVE Halloween!  


  1. This is SUPER CUTE! Love the extra embellishments on the window.

    You should post it to the gallery on Pockets NING site...give the members some inspiration.

    SO cute!

  2. Lovely card - we do not send that many in England, but I would have enjoyed this. Prudence


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