Monday, September 20, 2010

Rolo Candy Pencils

Hi ya'll!  It's almost Fall!   My favorite time of year!  Today's post is a quick little Back to school/teacher gift idea.   My girlfriend Susan ( a serious blogger!) told me about these.  I haven't seen any, but thought I should give it a whirl.   As you can see in my photo somebody in my house got into the rolo stash!  No one is fessing up to it,  but I think it was the hubby.  Anywho.... these are very easy to make and cost near to nothing.  Take your standard size of rolo candies.  I have cut a piece of more mustard cardstock sized at 3 x 3 5/8' and wrap it around the rolo and adhere with sticky strip.  Then cut a piece of cajun craze cardstock at 1' x 3' and attach it to the top to look like a pencil eraser.  Then cut a 1/4' piece of silver metallic cardstock, run it through the corrugator and wrap at base of eraser.  At the top of the eraser cut a 1' circle and use a glue dot to attach to the top. Take a hershey kiss and attach at the bottom for your pencil lead.  And there you have it!  Now,   I would love you guys to send me yours all done, so I can post them.  Let's see your creativity!  xoxo


  1. Great idea, Julie. I think it is a great little gift idea. Thanks so much for sharing. Karen Harper


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