Friday, September 17, 2010

Decor Elements Halloween Centerpiece

Here's what we are making today... Couple days back I posted the Spooky Things Decor Elements,  I have used the "Oct 31st"" on the front of this centerpiece. Most of the items I will show you were purchased at the Dollar Tree, so this project is very inexpensive to make,  I maybe spent $8.00.

Here's what you will need:
Decor Elements Spooky Things Vinyl
5 of the little flower pots shown above.
Bag of candy corn
1 cylinder candle
 1 cylinder glass vase
The tray I set this centerpiece in I had laying around the house....

Start by putting the long skinny candle inside of the glass cylinder.\
Then take your bag of candy corn and slowly put the candy down the sides of the glass, once that is done you will need to either buy or rummage through your cupboards to find a larger glass vase to now set this one in.  Once you find one you will take your vinyl  "Oct 31st" and apply it to the glass vase. 
Should look like this......
Now put this onto a plate or tray of your choice and arrange the fall flower pots around it.  You can refer to my photo to see the final look above.  Here it is up close as well....
Hope I have inspired you and you have fun making a fall centerpiece!  xoxo


  1. Beautiful idea and very festive! Love it!! Thanks for sharing! ~Liz

  2. I love what you came up with! I knew it would be something great!


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