Thursday, August 5, 2010

Check this out!

So you've read me talking about Stampin Up! carrying new incrediable fabric!  (available to you Sept 1st)
I haven't received my fabric yet, but it is on it's way.   This post is of a darling ring I have made with fabric
and our new Vintage Brads.  I will be post my FIRST evah video come monday the 9th!  So keep your
eyes peeled on the how to's of this cute ring!  Wish me luck,  I'm trying to branch out for all you out there
that need some visual learning like I do!  I am much better at creating things than working on videos,  LOL
so we will see how this all turns out!  xoxo


  1. Julie,
    The ring is absolutely gorgeous!!! You need to submit it. All I can say is LOVE IT.
    Tootles, Shauna

  2. Thanks for sharing. Love the technique and the finished product. Great idea.


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