Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Island Oasis candy holder

Can you believe they make coconut M&M's!!!  Love them!
And while buying them I thought how great they would be wrapped
up in our new Island Oasis DSP!  Just perfect!  a touch of the lslands
and a touch of chocolate!  Nothing could be better!
I used a glassine bag, they are nice and see thru so that you can
see the cocnut and M&M's right thru the package.  I then took
the Island Oasis dsp and wrapped it around the bag and decorated it
with the five petal punch flower.  Very easy Ladies!  xoxo


  1. OK, have to know where you found the coconut M&Ms. And, your pics of Snoqualmie Falls are beautiful!

  2. Thanks Jeri! The coconut m and ms are from Walmart!


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