Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dick's Drive In, Fountain at the Space Needle and Mermaid Pool

Spent the day in Seattle with my kiddos and my girlfriends kiddos.  We went to
the fountain at the Space Needle where they play music to the water as it shoots out
of the fountain.  The kids love it!  They run down into the plumes of water back and forth.
We then went over to the Mermaid pool.  (it really isn't called this but we call it that!)
It is an old fountain just west of the Space Needle that they have turned into a pool area
for the kids to play in.   It feels like you are in a little grotto or something.  After all the
sunning and water play it was over to Seattle's best burgers EVAH!  Dick's Drive In
for burgers, fries and hand dipped shakes!  If you come to Seattle you HAVE to
eat there!  The best burgs around!  Yum-o!   Not too hot today, just around 70ish
but didn't seem to affect the kids!  Hope your having fun your way!  xoxo

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