Tuesday, June 15, 2010

this is what I have been up to! phew!

Been absent the last few days buried deep into
getting things ready for my Daughter's 9th grade
graduation party.  It's theme is "An evening in Paris"
I have been making 250 bags, filling them with yes
you are reading this right 1000 pieces of chocolate
Eiffel towers that I have made!  I am now officially
a chocolatier!  My friends would say otherwise that
I probably ate as many as I made!  Ha!
But here is what I have been busy doing as well as
year end recitals which I am very sure many of you
have been doing as well.  I will post some of those
pics after I edit them.  The second picture is of the
invitation that I designed for the school to send out.   I am getting a bit of reprive today as Kirstin my stamping buddy is coming over so that we can get out all the new SU! goodies and play!   Yes,  I will post what we come up with!  xoxo

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  1. Wow! You did an amazing job - I love them. Got any left over chocolate, send some my way - LOL.


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