Monday, June 28, 2010

Pike Place Market and the Columbia Tower

What a great day with the girls!  We headed down to Seattle to
spend the day at the Pike Street Market, a fav here in the
city.  There is sooo much to see and do.  It is always so
much fun to see the fish market throw the fish and then go
and buy the yummy mini donuts.  Today they had lots of
sampling for the customers.  I felt like I was in Costco!
We also went to visit an old friend of mine who has
Lopriore's Pizza and Pasta restaurant at Post Alley,  it was
so fun to see him and he spoiled us with his yumo Alfredo
fare.  We then went up to the Columbia Tower where
my husband happens to work.  We took the girls to the 73rd
floor which is the observation deck where as you can see by
the photos a 360 degree view of the city and Elliot Bay.  It was just
breathtaking.  The girls absolutely loved it!  It was
a great day!  xoxo  Check out the
picture of Shelby holding the Space Needle in her hand!

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