Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mother's Day card

Boy am I s-l-ow-ly getting back to pace!
I think I'm still on vegas time!  Focus Julie focus!
Today's card is a Mom's day card, the whole reason
for going to Vegas.  I always use to go to Vegas or Reno
with my Mom when she was alive.  Last thursday the 15th of
April was her birthday and she would have been 72.  She passed away
15 yrs ago at the ripe young age of 57 of Breast Cancer. .  I don't think I ever make
Mother's day cards... but have been thinking of her since my
trip to Vegas.  I miss her daily, yet come home sometimes
from places and drop my purse down and think "oh I have
to call Mom and tell her this!" only to realize I can't do that!
So here is an attempt at a Mother's day card, very simple and
clean.  Hug your Mom's just a little bit tighter this year for me! xoxo


  1. Julie, I too don't make many Mother's Day cards any more. My mother passed away 3 years ago on April 21st (tomorrow). She was
    63. Mothers are precious.

    Love your card and all the wonderful glitter. Just curious, is that "Smooch" spray?

  2. Lori,

    Iam sorry to hear about your Mom, even though it has been 3 yrs since she has been gone, I am sure you feel like it has been a lifetime. Light a candle in honor of her tomorrow so her spirit shines bright. I will be thinking of you.
    I used the big chunky glitter on the flower. I have the new smooch spray but haven't got it out yet!

  3. This is a beautiful card Julie!! Love the flower! *STAMPIN HUGS* ALex

  4. Julie, thanks so much for sharing your story and for your beautiful card! Your work inspires me everyday and because of that, I've left you a little blog award over on my blog today. Be sure to stop by and pick it up when you have a minute!


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