Friday, March 12, 2010

St Paddy's Hat

Isn't this stinkin cute!  A luck of the blarney stone!  I was
visiting a store yesterday and they were showing these so
they are not my creation.  Totally CASED!  But now you
get to see and made them too!  So the little hat holds two
reese's pb cups.  The sizes that you see are as follows
for creating this little paddy hat.  You need a 2'scallop
punch, a 1 1/4' circle punch a piece of cardstock foir the
hat cut at 1 1/4' x 4 1/4, and for the black trim you will
cut 3/4' x 4 1/4'.   I hand cut the buckle by punching with
a very small square punch and then cutting out around it
to make the small buckle.    So to assemble take the scallop
punch and put two glue dots on the bottom and add the first
pb cup,  then add a glue dot to the top of that one and add your
next one. They both should be stuck to the scallop now.
Take the body of the hat and add sticky strip and wrap it
around the reese's tight but not to tight that you cannot lightly
lift it.  Add the black trim now with adhesive and buckle.
Lastly you will take a glue dot and put it on the top reese and
add the circle punch.  I did trim down my circle just a bit so it
would fit just right.  Now the hat part should just slide up to see
the candies as you see in the photo above.
 Soooooo Cute!  Have Fun!   xoxo

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