Friday, January 8, 2010

Suprise Visit!

Alright! I know it's past Christmas but on wednesday
night I had a suprise visit from my friend Nicole. I wasn't
expecting her and she showed up at my home with this
beautiful and wonderfully creative gift for me! I felt
so special! I had to share this.... She had it beautifully
wrapped too, but in my excitiment I opened it and
did not get a picture of the packaging. She purchased
those led lit candles and covered them with pretty
vintage paper and then added the chunky glitter, she
also made the card to go with it and had this cute
black Happy Holiday framed attached. I LOVE IT!
Being the vintage girl that I am!
It just makes me smile and makes me happy to share
someone else's creativity! Nicole, Thank you sooooo much!
You are awesome! xoxo

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