Thursday, January 14, 2010

Like O Meter Valentine

Today's post is made with the beautiful new
DSP paper Sending Love Speciality from SU!
The stamp is the new Like O Meter.
My stampin buddy Kirstin came over yesterday
with a gift card holder from Victoria's Secret that was
the template to this card. We disected it and
then made this card from it.

Here is the inside..... the card can
be pulled out.

Here it is up close. There is a belly
band on the from with one of the
flowers I showcased earlier this week
on my blog. xoxo
I am still trying to understand how to
post hyperlinks so that I can send you all
templates. I just cannot grasp how to
do this. If anyone is willing to help me
let me know! Then I can get templates
to you! I am pretty good at the computer
but this I cannot figure out! Yikes! xoxo


  1. Cute card!

    Hyperlinks are easy.
    (1) go to the blog post (not just the blog, but click on the specific post in the blog.
    (2) Highlight the address in that browser.
    (3) In your new post, highlight the text you want to make into a link
    (4) click on the little icon in blogger that looks like a green pill. (hover your mouse over it and it should say link)
    (5) paste the copied address from the blog post into the hyperlink area and click OK.

    That's it! You can email me if this doesn't make sense and I'll send you pictures.

  2. Leslie,

    Thank you sooo much for posting this for me! I will try it and see how I do! Much appreciated!


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