Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vintage day and more finds......

Today's posts are a mish mash of things. As you
have probably noticed, banners are everywhere.
Above I made this one by using chipbord letters,
vintage pictures I photo copied and attached.
I used adhesive to attach it. The really beautiful
vintage ribbon with bells on it I found at Joann's
I took silver stickles to make the silver lining around
the letters. They are attached to the ribbon with
jump hoops. Soooo pretty.....xoxo

Here's another fun find! I was out shopping and
found these minature vintage cards at TJ Maxx
for near to nothing! Love Love Love them!
I also found this adorable wooden
distressed sleigh, that I filled with
candies and wrapped with cello,
added one of those vintage cards and
wahla! Can't tell who it's for! xoxo

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