Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting ready for Bazaar

Hi all! Here's a quick little post from the many
things I have been working on for the Bazaar next
saturday. We have all seen the York pepermint
patties done up differently. Well here they are
as a little Elf. These are really fun and quick. You
will want to punch out 2 scallop punches for the front
and back. Then a 1 3/8 punch for the head. A 3/4 punch
for the nose. A square punch for the hat, cut in half and
then the window punch for the trim on the hat. A small
flower punch for the pom pom will do and some google
eyes. Soooo cute and hopefully they all sell as I made
100 of them! Yikes! xoxo

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  1. These elves are absolutely adorable! Wish I had seen them earlier this month! But will save for next year!! Followed you here from iStamp:iPicks blog... Been checking your archives, love your work!!



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