Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas get together

Yesterday was such a fun day! My cheeks still hurt
from laughing sooo hard! My girlfriends and I all
got together with our kiddos to exchange gifts make
some crafts and eat good food! I have known all these
incrediable gals for 20+ years now. ( we all met in
preschool of course!) It has been so much fun with
each and everyone of them through the years and
it was so relaxing just hanging with all of them.
Pictured: Debbie, Susan, Terri, Me, Ceri - Love you girls!

Here are the kiddos: Amy, Brittanie,
Shelby, Ashley, Shaelyn, Katie and
Kelly was missing.. :(

Okay remember earlier this week
we made the Reindeer box with Bugsy
eyes! Well during the craft yesterday
the littliest Katie decided to put the eyes
in her own eyes, thus started the chain
reaction of yet again Bugsy! eyes!
This was hysterical!!!!



Then of course the teenagers had to create their
own coolness! x0x0


  1. Nothing is better than getting together with treasured friends. Looks like you all had a wonderful time :D

  2. It was a great day, thanks again for everything! I used those first two photos in my December daily :) I also have a pic of Katie with buggy eyes, I'll send it to you.

  3. Amy and I had a GREAT time! Jules, you always make it special. Thanks for hosting and bringing us all together. I love all these girls!


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