Sunday, November 22, 2009

Penguin weekend!

These little Penguins are all over SCS
so we took a stab at them this weekend.
My Daughter and I got out the Big Shot
and cut out the top note die to make the
above card. The Penguin ornament below is
made with all circle punches.

To make this penguin take the 1 3/8
circle punch in black and 1 1/4 circle
punch for the white center. The arms
are made with the 5 petal flower punch.
The head is 1 1/4 in black and also a blue
one layered on the back for the ear muffs.
The earmuff cirlces are cut from a 3/4
punch. The face is white and cut from a
heart punch. The feet are made from the
curly label punch. So fun easy and cute!


  1. Love the penguins - so cute!

  2. omg, my husband would die for that card, he is obsessed with penguins, And I mean obsessed! It is beautiful!


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