Friday, October 2, 2009

Hanging Bat Treat Box

He's Fangtastic!
Today's post is a triangle box that I have turned
into a hanging bat treat box!
To make cut a 5 x 6 1/4 inch cardstock, score
at 1 1/2, 3 and 4 1/2, turn the cardstock 90'
and score at 1 1/4 and at 5 '. fold up the box
so that it looks accordian style. Then take a
1 1/4 circle punch and punch each end out so
that you have the holes on the each end. Take
ribbon to tie up the ribbons. Use a 1' circle punch for
the whites of the eyes and 3/4 circle for the black
part. cut out fangs and add them as well as ears
and there you have your little bat! Fill him up with
goodies and your good to go! xoxo
Here he is hanging around my spooky kitchen!


  1. This project is just darling! I always look forward to viewing new projects on our blog!!

  2. I have tried very hard to understand your instructions for your darling bat but mine doesn't ever turn out. Can you help me? I score the lines but somehow when I fold it they aren't right. It is so cute!


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