Friday, June 5, 2009

Graduation, Money Roses....and scrapbooks.

My Niece who I just absolutely love and have adopted as my own is graduating tuesday, her
party is tomorrow so I have been working on goodies for her. I always give family graduates
a money rose. I buy a fake rose, you can use any money denomination you choose. I always
give them $100.00 so I use 10 10 dollar bills. Scrunch them into ties in groups of five and
twist wire around them and then wrap them around the stem of the rose. Add your ribbon
and tags. Can you tell her colors are red, black and white! Ya think!
I also did up a 20 page scrapbook with pictures from all the things we have done with her.
Can't wait to see her graduate! Although, I will need lots of kleenex! xoxo

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