Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun Funky Flower Pencils!

Check out these adorable flower pencils!
I found these online at Patty Bennetts blog.
My daughter and I made up a bunch of
them for her teacher yesterday. How to's
are below and some close ups too.
You can also put them on pens as well
we just went with what was on hand.

The cordouroy button in this photo I reinked
with a dauber and brocade blue in to get this
color. Note you can add any embellishment
to the center of the flower. Mine have buttons,
brads, cordouroy brads and rhinestones.

So here are the instructions....
Start with DSP paper of choice, you will need
to cut three pieces, the first is 2 1/4 x 12,
the next is 1 3/4 x 12, and the last is 1 1/4
x12. as shown below

next you will cut up with your snips
fringe leaving a 1/4 space at the top

Take you double sided tape and wrap
around the top of pencil...

Start with the smallest piece first and start
wrapping around the pencil Note: which
ever side you want to have showing is the
side you put your adhesive on.

It should look like this, keep adding the
next two. when done tie a small amount
of ribbon around the under side of pencil
to give extra hold

Once it is all together flatten out all the
layers as you see here, take your snips
or bone folder and curl the botton layer
of flower, Add the embellishment to
the middle and you are done!
Have fun making these, they are a great
way to use up your retired DSP paper!
Very easy for the kids too, my 8 year old
was able to make 4 of these in an hour.


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