Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Knee Update...

Well, saw the knee surgeon today and was told that the fracture to my knee cap and LCL and
MCL are not quite healed, therefore no surgery on the 28th. Instead I will be starting a 3 week
process of rehab at physical therapy to strengthen the torn ligaments and try to begin walking
without the crutches but a brace. Then after 3 weeks revisit surgery to reconstruct the ACL.
I have so many injuries to the knee that it is going to take steps in order to get the knee mobile
again before he can do the ACL reconstruct or I will not get back mobility as it once was.
I guess in one breath it is good news and the other, it makes it a little more drawn out. A good thought is that I will hopefully be without crutches within a week or so. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I will be posting some really cute Gift card ideas tomorrow morning, the lighting is horrible tonight! Thank you for all the well wishes and encouragement! xoxo

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