Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Knee Update.....

As I said, a drum roll please!.... I just recieved my results on my knee, I have torn my MCL and ACL and have scheduled surgery for April 28th. The reason it is out so far is the fact that the MCL has to heal first in order for them to opeate on the ACL. 6-8 weeks recovery. That's right! no walking, driving you name it, I am trapped like a sewer rat! But..... the good thing is maybe I can craft from my bed! Oh yes, if there is a will I WILL find a way! LOL! Thanks to all of you that have sent me well wishes and such, it is so appreciated! and watch for more posts, they will show up soon! Working on some things..... xoxo


  1. Good heavens, what a mixed blessing! Hope everything heals quickly!

  2. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you during your waiting period, the surgery and recovery afterward. Please have someone be sure they give us an update while you are in the hospital!


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